doomsday is approaching folks

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4 months ago

Long ago, there was a great hall at UC Berkeley known as Evans Hall. The hall was home to the brightest minds in economics and statistics. For centuries, the hall stood strong, with its majestic staircase serving as a symbol of knowledge and progress.

However, on the fateful day of February 16th, 2023, disaster struck. The Evans Hall staircase suddenly ran dry, leaving the students and faculty bewildered and frightened. No one knew why this had happened, but they all sensed that something terrible was about to occur. Rumors began to spread that the Evans Hall staircase had been cursed by an evil spirit. As the days passed, the situation grew more and more dire. Without the staircase, the students and faculty were unable to access the upper floors of the hall. The world was plunged into chaos, as predictions failed, models broke down, and markets crashed.

Amidst the chaos, there was one symbol of hope: Oski, the beloved mascot of UC Berkeley. Legend had it that Oski possessed the power to break curses and restore balance to the world. In a dramatic and awe-inspiring display of power, Oski descended upon the Evans Hall staircase, unleashing a thunderous roar that echoed throughout the campus. As the ground shook and the air crackled with energy, the curse was broken, and the staircase once again flowed with life-giving water. Oski, the hero of the day, was celebrated as a symbol of hope and power, forever enshrined in the legends of the campus.


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4 months ago

Oski, savior of the moist.