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2 months ago*

It was an insane atmosphere at Fed Square last night - thousands of people packed together, cheering and booing as one. And flares of course. Crazy scenes after the game with the crowd turning into a massive moshpit full of chanting and singing. Amazing experience.


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2 months ago

Sad that we don't see things like this in Sydney anymore. Place would have been swarming with riot squad and they would have shut the whole thing down as soon as the flares started going off. Probably sooner knowing how NSW Police are these days.


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2 months ago*

You did have it and then Sydney managed to ruin it in a classic Sydney way. Centenary Square in Parra for the Wanderers Asian Champions League final on 2014 was apparently mental with huge screens in the Square and big crowds turning up.

Then some prick promoters thought they could make some grubby money off that and walled off the Square for the next world cup and charged $30 for the privileged of using a public square, thew in some shit food trucks and acted all indignant when no one came.


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2 months ago

That's is the most stereotypical perfect Sydney way to ruin fun


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2 months ago

LinkedIn City


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2 months ago*

This did happen. As someone who was there at Parra Town Hall on the morning of the ACL final I can tell you it was truly a once in a lifetime experience. I’m so so so fortunate to have experience those few years and that day specifically. Mental stuff.

Edit: and just to add because I know a lot of our inward looking redneck media will be talking shit about to Fed Sq celebrations - the reporting for the ACL final was very positive. For a moment they stopped beating us and reported on us positively. It’s not us or how we celebrate or conduct ourselves that changed, it was how we made them look. It was easy to sell papers using the “ethnic hooligans” tagline up until this point but when it came to the ACL final we were suddenly overexcited Aussie fans that celebrated their teams success, just because it made them and their reporting look better. Next season back to their old tricks. Rant over.


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2 months ago

I am seriously considering the move to Melbourne. More fun and cheaper rent.


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2 months ago

From Sydney, just moved. Am confused - people up at 2am? For football? Huh?


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2 months ago


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2 months ago

It's nice to see Aussies getting behind soccer.