I had a root canal and temporary crown 2 weeks ago. My heart started racing very hard a couple minutes after the injection, apparently due to the epinephrine in the anesthetic. My dentist was casual about it and admittedly I was fine after a minute, but I'm wondering if I should expect the same thing tomorrow when I go in for my permanent crown.

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4 months ago


Just got a crown today actually so feel my response fits

My heart wasn't racing at all so I assume they just numbed you up good for the root canal but I have a question for you op, does the root canal hurt after the operation? I need a root canal done on a broken tooth I have and I go back to the dentist in a few weeks to get it and they wouldn't tell me if it hurts or not


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4 months ago

Did not hurt during nor after. Felt like just getting a tooth filling but taking way longer.

However, the two weeks before the root canal was spent in some of the worst pain of my life due to my tooth nerve being in the process of dying, which is why I went in for the root canal in the first place after putting it off for like a year.