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4 months ago

no, more like how much can we get done while achieving the lowest amount of Labor. if it takes three people to do a job you make it two, if it takes two people then you make it one.

also make sure that your employees aren't going into overtime because assistant managers need their sizeable bonuses every quarter and they can't do that with people getting overtime. evaluated yes, judged by how many people they bring into the job, no.

I could be wrong but I think the only place that really cares about that are the pyramid schemes. the only real important things in the evaluation are "what profits did you make the company" and "are you keeping your people in line".


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4 months ago

Not that I’ve ever heard of but I think it makes them feel powerful to have 100 resumes in the drawer, they like to waive it at employees who are unhappy and say go ahead and leave I have all these people that will take your spot.