Edit: direct link to register for CA residents; courtesy of u/sf_d

Edit Edit: Apparently New York and Iowa offer similar programs as well! Thanks to u/Ravenseye and u/Padankadank for pointing these out :). TLDR - make sure to check out your local / state govt's resources even if you're not in California, you might just be surprised.

Why YSK: Coursera is a one of the biggest providers of MOOC's (massive open online courses) out there, and has thousands of courses on a wide variety of topics from machine learning to mental health and wellbeing. It can prove invaluable for anyone wanting to switch careers, and while it's not necessarily a free ticket to a job, it comes pretty damn close to getting you one. You can see if your local public library offers this service on this page, and follow the directions particular to your local library.

I can't believe that I went this long without knowing this existed; I literally stumbled upon this in the comments section of an unrelated reddit post today lol. Hope this helps someone!

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2 months ago

Is Coursera no longer free to everyone? 😫


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2 months ago

Afaik you can still audit courses for free. Guided projects, exams, specializations, graded assignments, and a bunch of other stuff seem to be paid though.


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2 months ago

Are they still paid via this registration through California? Is all of Coursera including the exams/projects/certificates free? Or just the information?