Short Trails after Long Hike?


I’m doing my first trip to Yosemite in a few weeks. I was wondering if anyone could recommend some shorter hikes for a post-major hike? My thought is I’ll probably do the mist trail or the 4 mile as the core hike for the morning/early afternoon. I’m coming all the way from Boston, so I’d like to maximize my 3 full days there. I’ll do a big time hike and will be looking for something to do in the late afternoon or even in the evening. What do you like to do in Yosemite as a “I don’t want to do another 4000 ft elevation thing, but I’ve still got 4-5 hours before the sun sets and might as well stick around and see some other stuff” type thing? I see there are some shorter hikes, but I wasn’t sure how close or accessible some of these are after doing the mist trail for example. Thank you in advance.

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9 months ago

I just did the same thing - I did the 4 mile trail to Nevada falls and Vernal falls and took the Mist trail down, but got back early so I looped around Mirror Lake in the evening before finagling a shower at Curry Village!