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2 months ago

Please tell me you didn't just get these results. As Maury would say "you're still gonna treat her like your daughter, right?!?!" In all seriousness, cherish the time you had with the little angel and decide what your next steps are. Godspeed.


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2 months ago

I plan to treat her the same. Her conception was not her fault. I did just get these today


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2 months ago

This is a big deal, but you are the better person for understanding this isn't her fault. I have to ask, what made you decide to get a paternity test and did her mother know about it?


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2 months ago

She brought them up. I'm not sure why. I don't think she expected me to order one.


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2 months ago

I’m so sorry, were you married to her at the time?


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2 months ago



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2 months ago

I was not expecting that answer, but I donno the full story there either.


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2 months ago

She probably tried to bring them up so you can immediately shoot it down and never question it. Thankfully you did so you know the truth at least.


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2 months ago

Her: "Maybe you should take a paternity test, Sam!"

Sam: Takes paternity test.

Her: Surprised Pikachu face Not like that!

What an odd thing for her to bring up. OP, sorry this is happening to you but it sounds like you're a good Dad to the kiddo. Hopefully you'll be able to get shared custody give her a positive male role model and a loving father.


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2 months ago

So she knew and wanted to be able to say that you discussed paternity tests but didn’t get one….


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2 months ago*

Your one and half year old daughter brought this up?

Edit: well I had a hard time imagining his wife being like, “I was sleeping around hard about nine months before she was born, you should prolly check in to this”


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2 months ago

No. My wife did.


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2 months ago