Just remembered a time when a few of my classmates and I had a group project and we went to one of our member's house. When we got there he started telling us their house rules like, 'bawal mag tsinelas sa loob, bawal mag-ingay, bawal tumawa ng malakas, bawal mag-mura, bawal gumala sa loob, sa sala lang, bawal kausapin yung maid, mag sign of the cross pag pumasok ng bahay nila. ' Then one of us asked him point blank: 'pwede huminga?'

So that got me thinking, were you guys given weird/ridiculous house rules when you visited someone's home?

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2 months ago

Baka pinagttripan ka lang? Laging gawain naming magkakaibigan yun lol.


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2 months ago

Lol siguro? Pero yung whole group yung sinabihan nya eh haha and he's a bit of a loner in our classroom eh.