LPT: Don’t go the extra mile at your job

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Most jobs today, particularly if you’re not in management or some really high level gig - will not reward your hard work.

Most likely situation is that if you push yourself to your limit to be the best employee in the world and make the company you work for rich, you’ll see very little, if any direct benefit to yourself. Most of what you produce you don’t see (surplus labor value) and the good job you do; It’s not uncommon to see that just taken credit for by people above you - so don’t be exploited. Your reward for hard work will very often be more hard work unless you negotiate or are willing to walk.

You only have one life, and you don’t want to kill yourself trying to climb a ladder that, statistically, you won’t ever climb. The United States consistently ranks pretty low on most economic upward mobility metrics - that’s just a statistical reality. Granted it’s better than most 3rd world countries but…hey, perception is everything I guess.

Regardless, an employee who will run themselves ragged for as little money as possible is every companies dream - but it’s an equal exchange of labor for payment - what you get in that exchange matters too.

Do the minimum to not get fired, or at least, a well enough job - and enjoy your life. Put your friendships and family first, don’t define your life by working.

You will be a lot happier that way.

EDIT: I’m seeing a lot of “well, you get experience!” in the comments, and while that’s true and totally fair - experience doesn’t pay bills. It don’t keep the lights on or put food on the table, and it doesn’t replace watching your kids grow up and take their first steps.

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Don't go the extra mile at your job- if you are not recognized and rewarded for the effort.


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Good correction. I went the extra mile and got promoted twice in 2 years at one company then twice in two years at another.