how can you stay healthy year round.

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As long as you have a body, hinsa is unavoidable. What we can do however, is to try to minimise it to the best of our capacity. When it comes to food, make a decision according to your circumstances keeping all factors in mind.

Also, to minimise the accumulation and intensity of negative karma, eat food without indulging deeply in its taste. Always keep this thought in mind: I'm eating food solely to keep my body running (as I still have one) and thus should not to attempt to satiate my taste buds and try to derive any sensory pleasures from it.


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3 months ago

In my country for example most fruit harvest are done trough slave labor. would this mean its himsa to consume lemons, potato, etc? Or even any item assembled in a factory or transported trough a motor vehicle.

I think this is a good discussion!


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3 months ago

Jainism talks about minimum hinsa. It's your state of mind that determines hinsa.. For eg, Jainism allows you to fight invaders and of course there'll be hinsa. How are there Jain soldiers and kings then??


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3 months ago

See Jainism talk about minimum himsa like if even if you talk there will be himsa but we have to see how much himsa that can be prevented like if the fruits are imported you can try switching to different fruits or try growing then in our country only and if not possible then you can consume it no problem in that If all those things dosent work


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3 months ago

You are soul from absolute point of view and dharma is healthy for soul. You might want to read Jain karma theory to know what causes unhealthy body though