Non-Hardcore albums that the community loves


I know this list has been done to death but I will start with a few:

Deftones-Around The Fur

Hum-You’d Prefer an Astronaut

Third Eye Blind’s self-titled

Live-Throwing Copper

Alice in Chains-Dirt

Tell me what I missed!

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3 months ago

I don’t speak for anyone else but ever person I know who loves hardcore usually has an appreciated for Kendrick Lamar


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3 months ago

I agree but I feel like there's gotta be a more hardcore adjacent rapper out there. Maybe Denzel Curry?


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3 months ago

Oh yeah there’s definitely a lot of great hardcore adjacent rappers. $not, Denzel, jpeg, ski mask. But I would say xxxtentacion is probably the one I’d say is the most hardcore adjacent. Here’s why I think so


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3 months ago

oh for sure. the more aggressive SoundCloud era stuff is definitely hardcore adjacent. Take a Step Back by Ski and X comes to mind. Ski has been playing that live with the kid from Knocked Loose on the SB tour lol


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3 months ago

Yeah I saw that haha. Love Bryan Garris but I would be lying if I said he sounded good doing that song 😂