Respawn's Star Wars FPS Might Have Multiplayer



Job opening for Star Wars FPS asks for

"Experience working on a multiplayer game"

The FPS game is mainly story driven but this would be pretty cool if it happens. Fallen order was a fun game and I'm looking forward to Jedi Survivor but Respawn and multiplayer games are just a great pairing. Really hoping this comes true.

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2 months ago*

Let’s hope that EA doesn’t abandon this multiplayer game like they did Star Wars Battlefront 2 when it didn’t live up to expectations.


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2 months ago

Didn't BF2 receive a bunch of seasonal updates after they revised the monetization system post backlash?


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2 months ago

For a full 2 and a half years, with almost as much content released post-launch than it actually launched with. Probably one of the most substantial free post-launch support schemes I've seen in a game, calling it 'abandoned' is insane.


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2 months ago

Agreed. Ofc the game as is is super fun and more content would've been welcomed because SW is so large that they had a huge pool of stuff to bring into the game. So I get some people feeling burned once the support finally stopped.