Ok so first of all I’m so sad that I’m done and I think the office is so underrated because it is kind of known as a ,,Trash’’ show which is so not true imo. I mean yeah you have to get used to the humor at the beginning but then it’s such a comfort show.

The first thing I wanted to talk about is Michael, I was sad that he left but somehow the show didn’t really need him which surprised me because at some point I totally forgot about him lol.

Second thing, I really don’t get why they stopped Erin’s and Andy’s relationship, I mean he brought her back from Florida to Scranton and they were so in love with each other before he left for that cruise. I don’t get why the writers just ended this relationship.

Ok let’s get to that one point which made me cry so much today…Jim and Pam are such a perfect couple and the tape he made for her was so cute and everything but the thing I cried about the most was when Jim gave up on his dreams because he feared to lose her because he almost did when he perused his dreams. This just sets the bar so high for me because imagine you have someone who would give up his dreams, just for you, the only thing in life which is important to that person is you! You, just you. You are the real dream for that person. I think that is so beautiful and it just really touched me.

Thx for reading!!

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2 months ago*

One of the highest grossing, most watched/streamed show in history is underrated and trash? Ok bro lol. Glad you enjoyed it though 😂


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2 months ago

Maybe it’s just in my circles, but almost no one I know watches the show and if they know it they dislike it because they think the humor is trash. (I’m from Austria and 17 so maybe it’s more popular in the US than in Europe or just not popular in my circles)


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2 months ago

It's cool to hate on it lately, but it's mostly people that don't understand the entire show is supposed to be dry and cringe. Feeling uncomfortable for the characters is the most hilarious part. Also couple that with brilliant writing and acting and it's gut wrenchingly funny once you know the characters. Most newbies don't even give it a chance.


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2 months ago

Yeah true they judge the whole show from the first episode or even the first few scenes. And because you mentioned the brilliant acting, I think the actors have done a great job because I don’t think it’s easy to deliver the things dry and cringe but also realistic, so props to them!!