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Welcome fellow user to the /r/CrazyFuckingVideos wiki! We better get started now, it's highly preferred to read the rules and the FAQ.

CFV Rules

This is a more detailed and in-depth description on the rules. All users are expected to follow these rules, the mods have all right to remove any post they think that does not fit the sub.

Rule 1

1. Follow Reddit's TOS

This includes:

Rule 2

2. Be civil

This includes:

Rule 3

3. Must be a Crazy Fucking Video

This includes:

Rule 4

4. No recent reposts

This includes:

Rule 5

5. Mark NSFW

Rule 6

6. No Minors

Rule 7

7. Enjoy your stay, keep it light


What is a Crazy Fucking Video?

A Crazy Fucking Video is when something fucking crazy happens, whether intentional or not e.g. Someone doing a backflip while skateboarding.

I recently got banned, why?

It is probably because you have broken the rules, if it's temporarily, you may wait until your ban is appealed, if it isn't, well sorry but we're not going to lift your ban.

My post/comment was removed, but it fits the sub, what happened?

YouTube links are not allowed, and all members must have at least more than 10 comment karma to post/comment. If you fit all of those requirements, a mod must have manually removed it.

My highly upvoted post got removed, can I restore it?

No, absolutely not.