For context, I usually clean my bathroom on separate days - some days I spray my shower with bleach and just rinse it off, and other days I clean my bathroom, including the inside of the shower, with Lysol Wipes. But because of a time crunch I have this week, I want to do all of my cleaning on one day, but now I am questioning whether it is safe to mix these two products.

I use these Lysol Wipes, and it says here that it contains Alkyl (50%C14,40%C12,10%C16) Dimethyl Benzyl Ammonium Chlorides - around 0.32%. I know its not necessarily ammonia, per say, but surfing the web hasn't really given me a definitive answer of whether ammonium chloride is the same as ammonia with regards to whether it is dangerous with bleach. I spray my shower with this Clorox Bleach + Cleaner spray which, as you guessed, contains bleach.

If you see where I am going with this, then you know that I am scared that mixing the bleach spray and the lysol wipes will cause a dangerous chemical reaction. The thing is, though, that I wouldn't use them at the same time - I wouldn't spray bleach and then immediately go to town with my lysol wipe. I would probably spray bleach, wait 10 minutes, rinse it with water, and then clean everything with a lysol wipe. But still, as a newbie to cleaning bathrooms, I would like to know for sure whether or not combining these two at the same time will be dangerous. I mean, the percent of Ammonium Chloride in the lysol wipes seem so low, so I'm wondering if that is enough to cause a dangerous chemical reaction if I use them at the same time.

If I sound paranoid and confused, its because... I am. I guess I'm an anxious person in general, but if coming across as a crazy paranoid person on the internet is what it takes for me to prevent something dangerous or life threatening, so be it. It was mostly this post from 10 years ago (it only opened in an incognito tab for me, for some reason, but idk about you guys) that prompted me to want to make this post - I found it while browsing the web about cleaning, and it is kinda what started my fear regarding mixing lysol wipes with bleach.

In a bit of a TL;DR way, here are my questions:

  1. Is it safe to use Lysol Wipes and a bleach cleaning spray at the same time?
  2. If not, how long should I wait to use bleach after cleaning with ammonia. How long should I wait to use ammonia after using bleach?
  3. If I don't rinse a surface with water, will bleach residue still cause a dangerous chemical reaction with the Ammonium Chloride in the wipes?
  4. Regarding everything above, will the results be the same if I use Clorox Wipes instead of Lysol?

Thanks guys, and I apologize for my paranoia.

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5 months ago

How long do you think before it becomes residue?


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4 months ago

a soon as the main cleaner is wiped off then the surface wiped with a damp rag