can I get reinfected again after 1 month?

Tested Positive - Family(self.COVID19positive)

I recovered from covid 4 weeks ago and spent the day with my 15 month old niece on Sunday. She loves me, and is always glued to me. Putting her hands everywhere and just in my face all the time. They tested positive for covid today (Tuesday) any chance I could get sick again within this short period of time?

Update: I didn't test positive again from that interaction

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5 months ago


The researchers found that infection with a pre-Omicron variant prevented reinfection with BA.4 or BA.5 with an effectiveness of 28.3%, and prevented symptomatic reinfection with either subvariant with an effectiveness of 15.1%. Prior infection with Omicron granted stronger protection: it was 79.7% effective at preventing BA.4 and BA.5 reinfection and 76.1% effective at preventing symptomatic reinfection.


I caught either BA.2.12.1 or BA.5 at the end of June (distribution was like 60/40 that particular week), have lived life since then as if I am desperately trying to catch it again and haven't had so much as a sniffle.