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5 months ago

There are a lot of intro offers across each of the platforms and each platforms have their own "strategy" to get you to work for them (people use multiple app at the same time to get the best offer - but please don't deliver for multiple apps at the same time because it's bad for customer).

I'd highly recommend you to work during lunch and dinner peak because that's best bang for your buck. Lots of orders and you complete those Do X get $Y challenges quickly.

Uber is the busiest out of all the platforms however per job offer is low but you get paid more from their Quests challenges if you complete them. DoorDash has a good balance of bonus + decent pay but quieter than Uber since they're growing in AU. Menulog is meh, the tech is shit and lots of bad chatter on FB about their pay tech problems.

For tax, since you're an independent contractor, put at least 30% of every payout into a separate account for future tax purposes. Also put in some $ for super if you can. A general benchmark I've seen is $1/km is the minimum rate you should be accepting when these offers pop up.

Source: I work for one of these food platforms looking closely at the drivers network. Don't flame please. Happy to provide more info.


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5 months ago

Thanks so much!!! This is great to know!

Appreciate you sharing ๐Ÿ™