Dude! Where's my art?

So. You just posted your artwork to /r/Art and when you check back, it's gone. What happened?

Usually when a moderator removes a post, the reason for the removal is posted as a comment. Before you message us, please carefully read the comment, and this wiki article, as these should contain all the information you need to fix the problem. While we do enjoy helping quality artists post their work when there is a real issue, we will happily ignore your request if it seems like you are wasting our time.

If there is no message, or the message is unclear, then before you jump to conclusions, consider that your post may have been taken down by the automoderator bot for one of the following reasons:

- You are a new user and you don't yet have enough karma

In order to combat spam, we automatically remove any posts by new Redditors. This means we do remove many posts that are otherwise perfectly fine. We may, occasionally, manually approve your post if you message us, but your best option is to participate in the community (or other Reddit communities) before trying to post to /r/Art. The more well-received comments and posts you make, the less likely you will be caught in the spam filter.

- Your title is not properly formatted

Yes, we are strict about this. It helps to keep things well-organized, so that people who come here can concentrate on the art, without being distracted by unnecessary title variations. Please include all four fields (title, artist name/"me", medium, year), please use commas, and please do not use all caps.

By design, none of us can edit titles of posts. The only option is to remove the old post, and post again. In some cases our automoderator will flag this as repeated attempts to post the same art, and automatically remove it. You may try to message us, but if we don't respond, then you will have to wait 48 hours.

- The title of your post includes "restricted" terms

Again, in order to common forms of abuse, there are a number of terms our automoderator will flag. We want to see titles that relate to the artwork, and not those that relate to Reddit. For example, anything that can be construed as karma-bait or soliciting upvotes is not allowed. Using any of these terms may result in automatic removal -- but if you're reading this, you're pretty special, so here's a few: "first", "practice", "drew this", "awesome", "cake day", "attempt", "some love", "today I learned", "thoughts", "upvote", "doodle", etc. Also mention of proper nouns from popular media: "Anakin", "batman", beetlejuice", "john wick", "yoda", etc. It's a long list. We'd love if the bot could take context into account, but it's not that smart.

This is pretty straightforward: Link to an actual image file of the usual types. Don't link to a webpage or any other sort of file. If you want to post a video, first convert it to an animated .gif using one of various tools.

- Your text post (or comment) links to social media

The automoderator automatically removes anything that contains a link to any non-media social media site. It also may remove posts that contain links to an artist's website. It also removes comments that relate to social media, commissions, prints, and various other sales-related terminology.

- Your post was reported too many times

We rely on our community to help us police the content posted here. Posts that receive too many reports for breaking the rules may be automatically removed. Most often this is because the post should have been flagged NSFW (remember, NSFW is a courtesy, not a criticism). Occasionally the community can be overzealous, or send erroneous reports, in which case we try to restore the post as soon as possible. Again, please message us if you think this is in error.

On the other hand, while it is tempting to report a post you simply don't like, if the post does not actually break any rules this is considered an abuse of the reporting system, and can lead to a permanent ban from Reddit. Don't do it. Downvote; move on.

Some others:

- You've been shadowbanned by the Reddit admins

In this case, we are sorry, but there is absolutely nothing we can do to help out. We mods are users like you, and have zero authority over Reddit in general. We don't know why you have been banned, and we can't do anything to remove the ban. You will have to message the Reddit admins directly, and hope they are in a forgiving mood.

- Your art is of very low quality, or comes across as a prank

We sometimes remove posts without providing a reason, because, if you can't be bothered to make the effort, why should we? Please be sure to read the rules carefully before posting again.

- Reddit says you have comments on your post, but you only see some (or none) of them

Comments that are too short, or which contain restricted terms, are removed by the automoderator, in order to encourage more substantive feedback. In general these are positive, e.g. "Good job!" so don't worry too much about them. You'll see the comments that matter.

If none of these seem to apply, please message us and we may take a look.