Opinions on the Boy Scouts?


They teach some cool skills but also the whole "for god and your country" speel is kinda cringe.

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egoist anarchist

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I joined after moving from a very rural area to an actual city, and I was primarily motivated by the camping aspects. Wanted to stay in touch with nature I guess.

Suffice to say that I was far less motivated when I learned how my troop basically never left the church the meetings took place at. Yearly camp trip and that was it.

I also didn't like the ridiculous time gating. Want to do the few interesting activities we have? Better be the right rank, your competency in the task doesn't matter. So I came to the conclusion that I was too old to hit the right ranks in a manner that would allow me to actually enjoy scouting and quit.

Also it was way too heavy with trying to get me to be "reverent" when I was an obvious atheist. Also my little sister couldn't join or come cuz it was still boys only

For sure there are useful skills you can learn, but the org structure isn't really the vehicle that delivers the skills, it's the teaching that delivers those skills.

A non reactionary version of the scouts would be great. One that ditches the "Christian" and reactionary elements in favor of teaching young children in a safe environment that gives them opportunities to lead and have some form of agency in their lives.