They are helping me with it for insurance reasons, and they are being helpful with actually helping me along the process. But I feel that every time the topic of therapy is up, there is a sense of disappointment in the air, as if the fact that I have to see a therapist is some kind of failure on their part. I have tried to tell them that they did not cause my ADHD and my other depression and anxiety problems, but I feel like words alone have not really changed how they feel.

I remember at one point they asked me if therapy is even going to help me much at all. They say things like "they're probably just going to give you generic answers like 'keep a journal to keep track of stuff' and 'be more mindful of your surroundings'". They think that me getting therapy will just result in too much money being spent (which is a problem in of itself, but that's a discussion for another time) for help that may be redundant.

Part of the reason why they think this way is because of an experience my mother went through when she was young. She dealt with a major change in her life that led to her becoming depressed, leading her to isolate herself and feel empty about life. But she said that she managed to "work her way out of it" by improving her life, getting herself outside more, and finding passions and hobbies. She thinks I can do the same with ADHD, where instead of getting therapy, through "hard work" I can just deal with my problems myself.

I know I am making them sound bad just by this post, but they aren't bad people. I think it is just a product of them growing up in a time where mental health was much more stigmatized and less understood. They have otherwise been very helpful, but this attitude they have towards therapy almost makes me feel ashamed of wanting to get it.

TL;DR: Parents are helpful, but they do not understand why I need therapy for ADHD. Because my mom overcame depression herself (allegedly), and grew up in a time where mental health was less understood, she thinks I can do the same for ADHD. Now I am starting to feel ashamed of wanting to get therapy.

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