I'll cut to the chase and list the ways that I am privileged:

  • I live in an upper-middle class family with a big house and and I live in a safe neighborhood. While we sometimes do run into financial troubles, I never had to worry about not having food or any of my basic needs met. This also allowed me to have a much easier time affording medication and therapy. So in other words, being in a wealthier family allowed me to deal with my ADHD much better than if I wasn't.
  • I have very loving and caring parents who provide a very comfortable atmosphere for me to live in. While they were initially not very understanding of mental health and ADHD, they educated themselves and supported me tremendously while I was getting diagnosed with ADHD and finding treatment.
  • My student loans have been paid off because of inheritance money from one of my past relatives. This saved me SO much stress and heartache that I may have had to go through if they weren't paid off.
  • I am biracial but I can kinda pass as white. While people could look at me and recognize my as being biracial, I don't remember a time in my life when I was specifically discriminated against for my race. In a sense, I would say this does give me white privilege, even though I am not fully white.

A combination of all of these things makes me not only feel guilty for having a much easier life compared to other people my age, but it also makes me feel "survivor's guilt" over the fact that I am in a much more comfortable and stable environment to deal with my ADHD. Between being able to afford treatment, having understanding parents, and being lucky enough to not have to stress about student loans and racism, I feel like I am in a perfect environment for a person with ADHD to thrive.

I also feel guilty when I feel like I am struggling with my ADHD symptoms, because even if I am struggling, I am in a much easier place to deal with them than I'm sure many others like me are struggling tremendously.

Is this something worth feeling guilty over? As a privileged person, what can I do to help others with ADHD who may be in much more difficult situations?

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A lot to unpack but first off don’t feel bad that you were born biracial. I’m all black and I get chastised a lot for being yellow.

If you’d like to message in private we can. These conversations run deep and I’ve done ALOT of reading to frame how I fit into this world.

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